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What You Do Need To Look For In An English Tutor?

Do you want to find the best English tutor in Singapore? Are you asking around for good English tutor to recommend?

Education and learning can provide information, experience and skills. Education allows people to complete more advanced tasks, steer clear of mistakes, perfect skills and become more productive.

Students need to select the tutor that has theory training, the education, work experience and teacher training which can really assist the pupil’s education objective.

If the student desires to make improvements to their pronunciation then they need to learn from a teacher having communications training, accent reduction training or a voice coach.

If the student desires to master advanced business English, then they need to learn from a tutor that has teacher training, business education and business experience as being a specialist.

Students need to know that quality and price aren’t usually related, below is a basic rates of pricing as per hour of tuition.


English Tuition Tutor Fee Rates:

  • Undergraduate $20-30 per hour,
  • Degree Holder $30 – 40 per hour,
  • Ex/ Current Teacher $50-60 per hour


When getting a tutor, request to check out proof of their education, experience and training. Great tutors will often have a specialized teaching profile or resume readily available to show potential students.


When employing a tutor you can ask how the tutor will test out your present skills. Inquire exactly how the training materials will be utilized, and also what coaching materials will be used. Ask what kind of teaching methods will be utilized. And also find out if homework is given.


Employing a tutor is similar to employing an employee. There are various tutors with different rates, different training resources and also different teaching styles. You can interview the tutors and employ the tutor that will assist you accomplish your education objective.


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