Geography Tuition

Geography Tuition

Do you require a 1-on-1 geography tuition teacher to guide your child? We have reliable tutors who are experienced in pure geography and combined geography; we have many knowledgeable tutors who are able to offer you tuition for humanity’s subject such as: Geography, History, and Social Studies.

Singapore‘s students begin coming in contact with geography at secondary one. A lot of pupils do not perform well in this subject since it appears boring and dry, and demands a lot of memorisation of information.

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Having said that, it really is a rather fun subject. In fact, a pupil is anticipated to obtain a broad range of knowledge and skills as they study and comprehend physical and human phenomena occurring throughout the world, along with existing socio-environmental problems that exist in various areas on the planet.

A student who does his best and gets geography tuition can attain an advanced level of mastery in this subject; they are also developed with gathering and research abilities, analysing skills as well as valuable understanding of problems that affect the earth we reside in.

Geography Tuition For O Level

Searching for O level geography tutors? We offer merely the perfect, experienced private tutors for you, Irrespective of whether you are searching for pure or combined humanities, we can fulfil your entire tutoring needs.

HI and H2 Geography Tutoring

Geography is regarded as one of the most challenging humanity’s subjects in comparison with history or social studies. In JC 1 and 2, the degree of difficult for turn out to be even tougher.

A student must have broad knowledge, a critical comprehension of geographical theories when studying this subject in JC 1 and 2. They must also have a capability to interpret complex data sources. It involves having the ability to memorise huge amounts of boring information and needing the ability as a writer to furnish clever and reasonable justifications.

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