Pharmaceutical Sciences Tuition

Pharmaceutical Sciences Tuition

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In Pharmaceutical Science course, students will gain knowledge on specific subject matter regarding medicine legislation, patient counselling and drug action on diseases. Learning all this help to prepare them for work in the pharmacies. Pupils will, in addition, study about biological, chemical and microbiological analysis, good manufacturing practices, and also pharmaceutical manufacturing. All these skills are essential for professions in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, and also analytical testing laboratories.

In the last year of most poly, students will opt to pursue either the Pharmaceuticals and Biologics elective cluster or the Pharmacy Practice elective cluster in which they’ll expand their knowledge about those aspects and utilize their skills in the related sectors throughout their internship.

Students may take up an internship job in retail pharmacies, hospitals, quality control (QC) and research laboratories in Singapore or pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Career Path for Poly Students Taking Pharmaceutical Sciences

Career Prospects
Graduates can choose to venture into the following sectors:

1. Healthcare Service
Being pharmacy retail executives and pharmacy technicians in retail pharmacies or hospitals who dispense and advice on the usage of prescription drugs and assist the pharmacy’s operations.

2. Marketing and Sales
Work as a product specialist or executives in reputable pharmaceutical drug companies, promoting their business growth, marketing and sales activities.

3. Clinical Research
Work as a clinical research coordinator in clinical research organisations and medical trial research.

Poly students can progress into the bachelor degree courses like Life sciences, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Immunology and so on…if they desire to pursue a degree and fulfil the local and overseas universities’ entry requirements. For the local universities, they are the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education and Singapore Institute of Management.

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