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Are you a parent looking for English tuition for Secondary school? Or other subjects such as Chinese, Maths or Science? As we already know, secondary School is a crucial stage of life which all of us can connect with.

It’s the place whereby we found a few of our long-term friends, the place we made lots of mistakes like disregarding teachers and disobeying our parents. On the other hand, it’s also in secondary school whereby we have the countrywide GCE ‘O’ Level exams, probably the most crucial examination in our lives, which decides the subsequent route: Junior college, Polytechnic or ITE.

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‘O’ Levels is among the toughest examinations since students will handle 8 to 9 various subjects at the same time. Ever since the MOE began working together with Cambridge in ’09, the difficulty level of ‘O’ Levels continues to be increasing every year.

With the high expectations right from our system of education, it’s no surprise that our students are under a lot of pressure. Of course, a small number of students, especially from the top-notch schools, can remain focused and ace all of their exams. Having said that, this just doesn’t happen to the majority of students. How can you, being a parent, assist your kid to deal with and differentiate themselves from the competition?

Tuition rates for secondary school

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Specializing in secondary tuition, we are the top service provider of personal tuition for students in secondary school. Whether it is English, Mathematics, Chinese’s language or Science, we’ve qualified tutors who are able to fill the gap and offer the private tutoring your kid requires. We provide secondary tutoring for secondary 1 – 2 in addition to secondary 3 – 5 in A/math, E/math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Combined humanities or some other subject your kid requires.

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