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Are you looking for a junior college, JC tuition teacher to help you in your school work? We are a tuition agency providing 1 to 1 private tuition for subjects, including General Paper (GP), H1 and H2 mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, history, economics literature, and a lot more.

Junior College is a 2-year academic course in Singapore. JC students deal with great stress simply because opting to go for the A level route eventually results in merely one destination; get to university or perhaps wind up nowhere.

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If you are taking into consideration getting private JC home tuition right now, you have arrived at the right site. We offer cost-free, customised tutor-matching services. We will identify precisely what your child requires and offer you a recommended private tutor who’re in a position to assist your kid to achieve success in any JC subject they’re having difficulties.

Regardless of whether you are searching for long-term tuition or perhaps a short-term quick course, we’ve knowledgeable tutors wanting to offer 1-to-1 junior college tuition for all subjects, such as GP, H1/H2 mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, history, economics literature, and a lot more.

If your kid is having difficulties in their recent JC exams, it may be time to consider getting personal JC tutoring for your kid.

Comparing JC Tuition Over Tuition Centres

Certainly, the variety of JC tutoring in Singapore can vary broadly. There are several tuition centres available, in addition to tuition agencies that provide personal tutors. Usually, tuition centres are a bit less expensive, but besides that, getting personal JC tuition has numerous benefits over a tuition Center.

For a tuition centre, your kid usually needs to go to the centre. The journey normally requires in between Fifteen minutes to one hour. A JC private tutor will instead take care of your convenience and pay a visit to your home. Those valuable minutes saved can go a long way towards learning and rest for the student.

Furthermore, although tuition centre is much more fun for some other students around, the actual coaching and assistance, the kid gets from the JC lecturer conducting the class are far less in comparison with a private tutor, in which the tutor offers 100% focus on the student.

Given that the degree of difficulty in A level is increasing each and every year, the questions and concepts needed are becoming a lot more complicated. Instead of having the tuition centre classes to pile more raw content onto your suffocating kid, get an effective JC tutor to help explain, analyse and deal with problems, and in addition concentrate on the mistakes in the methodology of the student. This can simply be accomplished in a 1-1 environment. Selecting personal JC tuition is an excellent option for your youngster.

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