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Are you looking for International Baccalaureate (IB) tuition? We provide quality 1 to 1 tuition teacher for all districts in Singapore. Contact us to find the right private tutors now! Subjects include Maths, biology, chemistry, Physics, Chinese Nandarin, English, literature, psychology, economics and more…

The International Baccalaureate (IB) represents an international foundation which specializes in education. Established in ’68, they work with 1000s of schools in lots of countries around the world to provide programs to students aged three to nineteen years.

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The IB education program is coached in several international schools in Singapore, which is not the same as the system in local education. The topics taught also are a bit different given that they range from primary level to the diploma programme. A few of the subjects consist of Mathematics, Economics and Science.

PYP – Primary Years Programme

Certain international schools such as the Canadian International School accept kids as early as Three years old in the primary level of learning, referred to as Primary Years Programme (PYP). Unquestionably, all these kids might have issues understanding exactly what they’re being taught in school. For that reason, those kids need assistance in staying up with their studies.

The early lives of your child’s education are extremely crucial considering that’s when their basic foundation in life is being developed. As a result, it’s important to make sure that they prepare properly for their future.

We offer the required help through our experienced private tutors.

MYP – Middle Years Programme

Kids at the Middle Years Programme (MYP) levels often study in Years Seven to ten in educational institutions such as the Chatsworth International School. Apart from the subjects stated earlier, they also would study subject matter like Humanities and Technology. These extra subjects may overwhelm certain pupils that will require help.

A good IB tuition tutor can make a huge difference and supercharge your child’s self-confidence. This is because the IB personal tutor will give you customized tuition services to your kid and find out their abilities and failings.

Thus, our qualified and experienced tutors are able to customize their tutoring services to the particular requirements of the kid.

DP – Diploma Programme

The IP Diploma Programme is really a tough two-year program available at schools such as ACS (International). It handles the years before admittance into the world’s top educational institutions.

Here is the phase in which your kid begins focusing on certain areas apart from the required subjects. It is the most difficult level of education for many learners. The reason is the subjects will become tougher; therefore, certain students fall behind in regard to understanding what is being taught in their lessons.

By using our helpful IB tuition from a professional private tutor, your kid will find it easier understanding concepts and staying up with their lessons in classes. Our main objective is to make sure that your kid gets to their optimum potential and pursues education and learning to the maximum level possible. Thus, we find you the very best and experienced home tutors who are able to suit your child’s timetable.

International Baccalaureate (IB) tuition is highly suggested to parents who’d wish to see their kids succeed in their studies. The path of education is long, and it also requires obtaining as much knowledge as possible by studying various subjects. Therefore, professional help from a good 1 to 1 IB tuition tutor is a welcomed gift to the youngster.

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