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Humanities Tuition Singapore

Looking for Combined Humanities tuition for your child? MOE in Singapore has outlined a clear educational program of learning which is intended to coach students on the importance of Social Studies, Geography and History. An effective way to keep ahead in the subject will be to work with a humanities tutor. Our humanities tutors are well armed with experience and knowledge to help make studying enjoyable and interesting.

Choosing the best private tutor is usually a difficult task. You need to make certain you have picked the best competent tutor that’s capable of addressing your child’s problems. Our home tutors will link the gap between a tough and simple concept. Therefore, helping to make the subject attention-grabbing and highly relevant to the topics. We filter the top humanities teacher for your children according to your particular needs.

O-Level & A-Level Humanities Tutors

We offer humanities tuition for secondary school, junior college, and university that specializes in geography, history and social studies. We’ve got a pool of tutors who’re enthusiastic tutors and also have effectively taught pupils taking the IB and IP exams. They’re knowledgeable about the subject curriculum and can link challenging concepts into illustrations of our everyday life.

Social Studies

Social studies curriculum is created to promote informed, concerned citizens. It relates to today’s world, both on an international scale and also within Singapore. It’s made to deepen the combined humanities educational program. This enables learners to make use of their knowledge with a mixture of history and geography in application to present-day occurrences.


History helps pupils to become inquiring, reasoned, balance, discerning, methodical, knowledgeable and empathetic. A pupil with these characteristics is able to understand events throughout history according to rational substantiated arguments and conclusions without impacting on modern-day view. Pupils will be taught the methods for researching extensively and rearranging the information they have acquired in a forward-thinking and reasonable manner.


Geography assists pupils to acquire useful information and turn into a self-directed learner, a confident individual,  and an engaged contributor. Tutors help the students and offer information into future physical and geographical challenges according to past and current challenges. It helps their knowledge making use of newly acquired knowledge to buffer critical thinking capabilities. Pupils will respect the diversity in culture and beliefs, making use of their geographical awareness to get a feeling of responsibility towards our ecosystem and planet.

Students will be taught to become productive citizens with a well-rounded curriculum. Allow us to provides you with an advantage by getting a quality humanities tutor. so they can remain to learn ahead of the lesson. This permits your kids to outshine and learn at a faster speed at school. Contact us to get a humanities tuition teacher now.

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