Combined Science Tuition

Good Combined Science Tuition Tutor For N and O Level

For students who are taking Combined Science in Sec 4 O level in Singapore, this subject is easier and simple in comparison to the pure Science. In reality, pupil ought to learn 2 different subjects out of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A student need to understanding the subjects to be able to make improvements to his learning. We provide specialized combined science tuition for Biology/Physics, Chemistry/Physics and Biology/Chemistry.

A combined science tutor will emphasis greatly on answering and solving techniques, it is to improve a student’s capability to perfom well in their test. A combined science tutor loves to develop the basics and application skills which includes time management techniques.

Should your child fall behind in this subject, you might want to employ a Science tutor for the kid.

image of a combined science tuition tutor teaching

The level and subject that our Tutors are teaching:

O level and N level: Combined Science which includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Science is important but it is also a difficult subject. We are aware that parents may have many concerns to cope with, with regards to Science. Many believe that:

1. Science is a challenging subject and pupil may needs additional time for tuition to understand the principles.
2. Science is as essential as English language, Maths and Native language.
3. A handful of parents are not good in Science, so it is tough to assist their kids.
4. Many parents would like their kids to go after a profession in Engineering or Science, it is therefore essential to get science tuition.

You’ll find lots of approaches we are able to help your kid succeed in science:

1. Quality home tutors for all 3 science subjects including Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
2. Encourage interest among learners with science activities by giving them chances to think outside the box and intuitive.
3. Coaching the keyword approach to answering questions that can help to score well.
4. Making use of large number of illustrations and visualizations to reinforce the concepts of the learners.
5. Its our endeavor to strengthen the intellectual process of the students to develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals of science.

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